The Remembering Papa John Project

Three years ago on October 6, 2010, I learned my step-grandfather, no less significant than any of my grandparents, had passed away. He died about five years after being initially diagnosed with esophageal cancer, when a new tumour had grown around a major artery, cutting off the supply of blood to his liver, damaging it far beyond repair.

Just a few days before he passed, I visited him in Edmonton at my grandmother's house. Regrettably, I had to return to work in Calgary and when I said goodbye, he squeezed my hand and said, "See ya Keiv, be good. Love you." Those are the last words I heard him say.

There is nobody on earth who can fill the void he left. His contagious optimism, zeal for life's simple pleasures and unconditional love and respect he had for every living thing can never be replaced. You will hear stories about Papa John soloing entire bottles of whisky, dancing to any and every song even with only a towel on, and dispensing his unique and invaluable advice. Yet, cancer, the black plague of the modern day, has made it so that he can no longer dole out such happiness and wisdom.

In honour of Papa John Iwan Danyluk, in honour of the last "be good" I'd ever hear from him, I wanted to raise $1000 to donate to the Canadian Cancer Society along with the mane of hair on my head, which I almost entirely cut off to donate on Wednesday, October 9th 2013.

(Before & After)

In three days the project reached its initial $1000 goal. When donations were scheduled to be closed, one week from the project's inception, it had raised a total of $1500.

It is not possible to fully express my gratitude to the donors for their inspiring generosity, without whom this project would not have been successful. However, through initiatives such as this, we support those who have dedicated their lives to seeking medical breakthroughs. Perhaps cancer may not be the first to be concurred, but as our technological capabilities advance, we may one day triumph over some of humankind's most menacing illnesses.

Leah Danyluk - $50
Sean Kubik - $50
Denise Hill - $50
Beverly & Bertin - $25
Sharon Guenette - $50
Peter Garmaz - $50
Liria Nair - $40
Calistra Nair - $20
Sophie McAlpine - $20
Meghan Goguen - $100
Patrick O'Brien - $50
Corrine & Barry - $50
Denis Guenette - $25
Lola & Phillipé - $200
Darin Guenette - $50
Andy Sharman - $50
Sandra Gallo - $40
Jennifer Anchan - $20
Cassia Tremblay - $25
Barbara Nason - $50
Julie Harley - $20
Robert Travis - $150
Scott Preston - $25
Simon Baruffaldi - $10
Adrienne & Sydney - $40
Loraine Kliciak - $20
Diane Chua - $20
Kathryn Nicole - $40